How to apply

Prep Surface

Take a soft wash cloth with Isopropyl or similar alcohol cleaner to create a nice clean surface for the HAT-TAC™ to stick to.

Our recommendation is find a smooth clean surface with little texture.

For suggestions and warnings on surfaces check our FAQ page

After prepping the surface

Grab the tab sticking out and peel away the backing with ease! HAT-TAC™ attaches to the wall using a foam medium hold double sided adhesive. 


Align your HAT-TAC™ a few centimeters off the wall making sure to align the top so it is perfectly flat.


Push softly just enough to hold the HAT-TAC™ in place on the wall. Take a few steps back to make sure it is exactly where you want.

If the positioning is perfect, push and hold the back side of the HAT-TAC™ to the wall firmly for 30 seconds then wait 30 minutes before hanging a hat.

Now all that's left is to take your beloved hat and hang it in style!

HAT-TAC™ will #keepthecurve and keep your hats looking more new than any other storage method available. 


Step 1:

Firmly grab each side of the HAT-TAC™ with both hands.


Wiggle the HAT-TAC up & down to separate the adhesive from the wall.


For re-application, peel off the entire adhesive from the HAT-TAC™ and reapply a new one.

PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR MORE information regarding application and removal